A new bore design has resulted in even greater response, improved intonation and a warmer tone.

I'm always surprised that most players don't understand the importance of the neck. The neck has a greater influence on how a horn performs than any other factor. Intonation, timbre, resistance and consistency of tone are some of the major things that a neck can influence. Just because your horn has the "original" neck doesn't mean that it's the right one for that horn. The idea that the original neck is so important is not really true. If the neck has a matching serial number to the body of a saxophone, it may be important to a collector, but it does not have very much importance to the player.

I have spent 11 years working together with well known saxophone factories in France and Germany. My time spent in these factories taught me how important the neck can be, similar to the head joint of a flute in determining response, resistance and pitch.

My necks have a different taper and bore than the original necks they replace. They are available in gold plate only. Ponzol necks are sold with a one week trial period during which the neck can be returned for a refund, minus $25.00 restocking fee, as long as the neck is returned in perfect condition. A one week trial means that if you receive the neck on the 10th, it must be on its way back by  the 17th at the latest. You must have proof of the date you shipped the neck. Necks returned late will be returned to you and the shipping charged to your credit card. No returns accepted without a return authorization.  

List price:  $495.00         Our discount price:  $395.00   plus shipping


Ponzol necks are available for all French Selmer and Yamaha alto and tenor saxophones. I do not make soprano or baritone necks.

If you are interested in a neck for a Selmer Mark VI, Yanagisawa or Keilwerth, you would have to send me the neck to measure. There is no other way, so please don't give me the serial number, it doesn't help. Mark VI's vary very much in their tenon sizes, and this has nothing to do with the age or serial number. I need your neck to measure. Necks that are custom fitted for the above saxophones are not returnable. Newer Selmers and Yamahas are no problem as their tenon sizes are quite consistent.

Necks are available direct from Ponzol Products. We accept PayPal or cashiers checks. We do not accept credit cards.

Of all the necks I sell, less than 1% are returned, so the difference my neck makes must be obvious. I have tested my necks on all of  the above listed saxophones and have found great improvements in terms of response and ease of playing. 

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