Mouthpiece Recommendations

Mouthpiece Recommendations

I am often asked for recommendations as to which of my mouthpiece models are best for certain types of music and even which models are best with certain types of saxophones, so here goes.


If you are into smooth jazz there are no better mouthpieces on the market than the following models:

Soprano: M1 65 or 70, Vintage hard rubber  65 or 70.

Alto: M2 80 or 90

Tenor: M2 105  110 and M2 Plus 105  110.  Available now in  stainless steel for both openings and in black anodized aluminum for M2 110.



Soprano: M1 65,  or the new Vintage hard rubber 65 or 70

Alto: Vintage hard rubber  70 or 75

Tenor: (Bright) M2 Plus 105 110 in Brass and Stainless Steel.  (Darker) M2 105 110 in brass, stainless steel and black anodized aluminum.

Tenor: (Darkest)  the new Vintage  105 in stainless steel or gold anodized aluminum. The New Vintage hard rubber 95 or 100 or 105

Baritone: M1 120



Clarinet: Vintage hard rubber 48, 53 or 58

Alto:  The new Vintage hard rubber C*, 70 or 75

Tenor: M2 105  110 or the new  Vintage 105 in stainless steel or gold anodized aluminum. The new Vintage hard rubber 95, 100 or 105.

Baritone: M1 120



Large bore/bell  saxophones like Keilwerth and Keilwerth copies do best with a small chamber mouthpiece such as the M2, and  M2 Plus. These mouthpiece designs help to center the sound of large bore horns which tend to spread too much.

Older saxophones such as Conn, Beuscher, Martin, etc. tend to work best with large chamber mouthpieces such as  the new Vintage models in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and  hard rubber. A small chamber mouthpiece will not tune well with the older designs.

Selmer and Selmer copies seem to work well with all of my mouthpiece models, so this is a matter of tonal preference. The New Vintage  models in stainless steel, anodized aluminum and hard rubber are darker sounding, while the M2 and M2 Plus get progressively brighter, although these terms are quite subjective. Don't be afraid to try different things, you might end up with the sound you want from a different model than you thought you would like.



  The new Vintage metal mouthpiece from
Peter Ponzol 

If you are one of the many tenor players who are on a constant search for a great metal mouthpiece from the "60's", look no more! If the sound of Trane, Dexter and all the other greats who played these mouthpieces is what you're looking for, then the new Vintage is the answer. A unique new chamber design gives the sound of these mouthpieces without the problems. Even scale and timbre in all registers. The evolution of a great classic. The Vintage mouthpiece is available in stainless steel and gold anodized aluminum.  Highly recommended for Mark VI and balanced action tenors. The new Vintage model is available in 105 opening. 


"This mouthpiece has the urgency  and depth that many players are looking for."

                                                 Jerry Bergonzi 


The Peter Ponzol Clarinet Mouthpiece 

New! Hard Rubber Vintage Clarinet:

With over 15 years of experience in offering some of the worlds finest saxophone mouthpieces, Peter has answered the call of so many who have asked for a contemporary clarinet mouthpiece. Designed for Jazz, big band and the many doublers who have trouble to find the right feel, this mouthpiece is made from the finest quality hard rubber available. The chamber and facing will make most saxophone players feel "at home". 

Tip openings:  48,  53,  58.



New! Ponzol Vintage hard rubber C* for Alto:   

Combines the best qualities of the old and new Selmer C* mouthpiece.  

New! M2 Plus metal tenor mouthpiece: 

The most powerful Ponzol mouthpiece ever. More edge than the M2, more centered sound. Highly recommended for Keilwerth saxophones as it helps to center the sound of the Keilwerth which spreads too much.


 Available in Stainless Steel 105 and 110.


Copyright 2003 PETER PONZOL